• How to Store Puerh Tea (Future Puerh Enthusiasts, Take Note)

    Puerh is unique in that it improves with age, like scotch or cognac. Whether you want to store yours for the purpose of ageing it, or just to drink it, there are a few essential points you need to know.
  • Looking Inside: 100 Reasons Why People Love Puerh Tea

    Different from other types of tea, puerh tea remains rather mystifying in the western world. Keep reading to know why people love puerh so much - chances are, you might fall in love with this tea yourself!

  • The Different Types of Puerh Tea (and Why They’re Different)

    From ripened puerh to Mao cha, we’ve explained the types of puerh tea to a T for you. Learn more about their differences in appearance, fermentation, liquor color, and taste profile. 

  • Coffee VS Puerh: the head-on clash

    Coffee is arguably the most popular drink in the world. Read on to watch puerh tea challenge it head-on in this David vs. Goliath clash across 7 key dimensions of wellbeing. 

  • How to Brew Pu-erh Tea

    Pu-erh tea is among the most mysterious teas in the world. From the water temperature to the steeping time, learn how to brew pu-erh tea perfectly!

  • The Difference between Pu-erh Tea and Green Tea

    What makes puerh tea different compared to green tea? Learn more about the difference in their flavour, benefits, harvesting and processing methods.
  • Reduce Stress With Puerh Tea

    Just a little bit of research will reveal quite a number of health benefits to be achieved from Puerh tea. Puerh tea contains some caffeine, but unlike coffee, it’s not likely to make you jittery or wired. One of its many health benefits is helping reduce stress.
  • Amazon vs Etsy vs Shopify: Choosing The Right Platform For Your eCommerce Store

    Deciding which platform is best suited for your business can be daunting. Here is a quick and simple breakdown of the factors we considered before making the final decision to sell our puerh tea on Shopify.