Looking Inside: 100 Reasons Why People Love Puerh Tea

People have been enjoying puerh tea for many decades. For those who haven’t heard of this tea, puerh originates from China - a country where tea and culture are heavily intertwined. More precisely, puerh tea has to be made from the large-leaf subspecies “Camellia sinensis var. assamica”, and is grown in Yunnan Province, China. The tea leaves are then processed in a particular way to stimulate microbial fermentation. After the leaves have dried, the tea ages in a more complex way than any other tea out there does.

Despite a long list of puerh tea benefits, this tea remains rather mystifying in the western world. This is why one of our goals for Just Puerh is to have more people try this excellent type of tea

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Why people love puer

We asked our community on Instagram (@justpuerh) what had inspired them to try puerh for the first time, and why they love drinking it to this day, and we got a variety of wonderful responses. Keep reading to know why people love puerh so much - chances are, you might be inspired to fall in love with it yourself!


I bought my first cake of puerh actually by mistake... I loved the oolong tea my hubby brought back from Taiwan, but not knowing anything about tea back then, I believed it was puerh. When I finished that Taiwanese tea, I went to the store and bought puerh, thinking that’s what I was having! It was completely different, and I didn’t like it at first. But after a year or so of it sitting on the shelf, I acquired enough knowledge, appreciation and courage to try it again. And I loved it! I am a big puerh fan now, especially on chilly autumn days!


My roommate in college was from China and introduced it to me. It reminds me of the time we spent together 😊


My introduction to puerh tea is centered around the Gongfu Cha experience. I have had a deep appreciation for tea over the years - a friend invited me over for tea one afternoon and introduced me to the Gongfu Cha experience as well as shu puerh. It was a catalyst to dive into this unique culture that now holds a prominent place in my life! I love sharing the Gongfu Experience as well as introducing people to this beautiful category of tea. And shu puerh is a tea that’s on my table almost every morning. I love the smoothness, complexity and soothing qualities it offers. Each processing style brings unique qualities to the tea that can leave you exploring shu / sheng puerh for quite some time.


I first drank puerh tea because I was working for a tea room. We had both shu and sheng puerh on the menu and I was really interested in it! From there it quickly became a life-long love! I particularly enjoy an aged shu puerh during winter because of their rich and warm flavours 😊


I am obsessed with puerh tea! I was first inspired to try it when I wanted something that was a little different from straight black tea, and then I stumbled upon puerh teas!! ✨😋 I love puerh tea for its natural, earthy taste and its boost of energy, it’s my favourite morning tea!!!🍵🌿


I’ve been drinking loose-leaf teas for years now, but I had the thought of levelling up my tea experience with puerh just a few weeks ago (thanks to the inspiration brought by some tea influencers that I follow here on Instagram). I purchased my first set of puerh teas from @justpuerh and the teas are incredible. I prepare them gong-fu (gaiwan) style. Now, I understand why puerh teas are considered the “wine” of teas!


I was first inspired to try puerh when my tea journey started. I wanted to learn about tea, and started watching educational videos and reading more about tea. That’s how I learned about puerh. I decided to try it because the process is often so painstaking, that the true artisanship of making tea becomes so apparent. Drinking puerh is a way to know all of the tea farmers who created it; they leave a piece of themselves in the cakes. I love puerh because you always get a unique experience. The age, storage, leaf grade, terroir, cultivar, blend... they all make the tea different. Drinking puerh is a meditative experience from breaking the first chunk off and popping it into your gaiwan, all the way to the last sip. It’s a beautiful tea.


I just started drinking puerh this year. At first, I was not sure what to think of it, but as I sampled different puerhs, I noticed the incredible complexity and variation among different kinds. Puerh quickly became my favourite tea for its depth of taste. Drinking this tea is a profound experience that nothing else can match. Puerh can lift my mood when I’m sad, and I always share puerh with friends and family to spread the joy!


My first encounter with puerh tea was at a tea ceremony in Shenzhen, China. Noting its unexpected taste, I asked my friends why it was so special. After explaining why, one of my friends gave me a small bag of puerh tea his mother had given him when he’d gone home. I treasure it and use it only on special occasions.


I first tried puerh in San Francisco at a small family-owned tea shop. It was the beauty of the tea cake and the earthy smell that drew me towards it.


My husband got really excited about puerh while doing research for our tea podcast @chai_this_at_home, and hearing him talk about it made me excited too! We haven't been able to try much yet, but I love seeing how the flavour changes with each brew.


Here’s to experiencing more teas! Reading “The Tea Girl on Hummingbird Lane: A Novel” also inspired me to try puerh.


I've been drinking tea for 4.5 years, but I just want to learn about different cultures/parts of the world with the more traditional teas. I also want to appreciate the small businesses and the work and people involved that bring the tea from the plant to my cup. Also, I love to travel, and this inspires me to make a list of places to go when the world is safer to journey through. We are all human beings, and sharing life and laughter with each other over a cup of tea sounds like a nice way to connect and transcend other barriers.

One great thing about puerh tea is that through its complexity comes variety. All in all, there are several reasons why people first tried puerh, whether it’s being introduced by friends, going after the health benefits, or even coming across it accidentally. But once they do try it once, twice, and thrice, many fall in love with it forever. 

With sheng and shu, aged and young, as well as other variations, a new experience is always available. If you’ve tried puerh before, we hope that some of these quotes have brought back delightful memories of your first encounter with puerh, and helped rekindle your passion. 

Conversely, if you’re yet to try puerh tea, you’re at the right place! Our blog post on the different types of puerh tea can help you find the kind of puerh you’d likely fall in love with!

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