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ancient puerh tea cakes
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Ancient Puerh

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Organic Cake (Tuocha)

One of our best-selling puerhs, this tea is made from tea leaves picked in 2010, which have been ripened, pressed into small cakes, and aged to produce this ripe (shu) aged puerh tea.

The tuocha (puerh tea cake) is made of leaves and buds from the ancient forests of Jing Mai Mountain of China’s Yunnan province. The small size of these cakes makes them perfect for individual brewing. 

This tea has more floral and sweet notes than other puerh teas. It has a thick body that instantly coats the tongue. It has a very rich texture that goes down smooth.

Type: Shu (ripe) aged puerh

Origin: Jing Mai Mountain, Yunnan province, China

Harvest Year: 2010

Steeping Guide: 

Place one tuocha (puerh tea cake) into your favourite tea pot, and rinse it once with hot boiled water to activate the tea leaves. Pour over 500 - 800 ml of just boiled water, and let it brew for at least 5 minutes. 

Adjust the volume of water as needed, and experiment to find your ideal amount of water for one tea cake. 

You can also brew it the Gaiwan way if you feel so inclined. 

Play with it to find your own preferred way of enjoying this shu (ripe) aged puerh, and remember - the secret to a great cup of tea is not skimping on the amount of tea leaves!

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