Menghai fuhai qizibing
Menghai Fuhai Qizibing
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Menghai Fuhai Qizibing

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Type: Aged raw puerh (sheng cha)

Origin: Menghai county, Yunnan province

Harvest year: 2005

Made by the Fuhai tea factory. Large tea leaves from Menghai county in Yunnan province are used as raw material for this tea. They are dried by sunlight, then fermented by traditional method, and steamed by high temperature for drying. The tea liquor is bright red with pure aroma and refined taste. Your throat is lubricated after drinking this tea. After 15 years of storage, it is now perfectly transformed.

Steeping guide:

Break the tea cake and take 7 - 8 grams of the tea (roughly two teaspoons). Use Gaiwan or Western style, or an easy every-day no-hassle style of brewing.

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